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Here you'll find Socks / Dante addon for the Firewall Project IPCop

Inet Dante

Dante original Homepage:

Some notes: this socks/dante addon was created, just to allow applications like HBCI an internet connection, which normally can't pass through the IPCop firewall. The install-script is generating two configuration files (socks.conf + sockd.conf) only on green network! If you need to enable this addon for such other interfaces, you have to make your settings manually by creating for each subnet a separate block and pass rule.

Security Notes: Every addon installed on a firewall is a security risk! Normally other applications should run on a decitated machine. For this addon it is possible, to decrease the allowed port range! Default range is 1-65535 in sockd.conf. Second improvement is, to allow only one static ip-address.

Install Path: /usr/local/dante

Listen Port: <green_network_address>:1080

Install Instruction:

  • untar the package (tar xzvf <package_name.tar.gz>)
  • change to the folder (cd <package_name>)
  • type ./install

tar.png socks-1.2.3_ipcop-one-socket.tar.gz 1.2.3 Beliebt


IPCop v1 Socks/Dante 1.2.3

Neu  / New

Updated with new configuration files!

Here you'll find a prebuild of Socks/Dante addon.

I hope, that i find time to expand functionality for more then one device, as announced in previous version! So stay tuned and check this site for any news!


Changelog IPCop v1:

  • removed unneeded development files


Changelog Dante:

  • Fix problem introduced in version 1.2.1, causing the SO_REUSEADDR
    flag to not be set. Would cause problems during server restart if
    only the main process was killed.
  • The regular expression for host and interface name parsing has been
    relaxed somewhat, allowing the use of some interface names and host
    names containing characters that were not allowed previously.
  • The traffic log format has been slightly extended and now includes
    complete information about all communication endpoints, for both
    normal usage and with server chaining (really nice! :-)  ).
  • Compilation fixes for older Linux distributions.

see full changelog in NEWS



I want to say big thanks to the Dante Team on for taking notice
and making compilation fixes for older Linux distributions. (I think, this makes a few people
happy, including me)

md5sum: bc0ff8929ae563ae7ad4810df6a28502

04.04.2011 17:42:14
505.56 KB
tar.png socks-1.2.0-pre2_ipcop.tar.gz 1.2.0-pre2 Beliebt


Socks / Dante 1.2.0-pre2 Server Addon

This is a prerelease of the new dante version, which was published at 12.01.2009!

Changelog and install description could be found inside the package.

md5sum: 1a1536f0096286402514ac18b0c72f1c

10.02.2010 21:31:00
611.39 KB
tar.png socks.tar.gz 1.0 Beliebt


Socks / Dante Server 1.0 Addon

Please note the README file


md5sum: 7e0a3b8d2b90282905a6274dcbd737a4

01.05.2008 11:47:00
1.91 MB
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