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clamav_0.99-pack_copfilter-v2.tgz clamav_0.99-pack_copfilter-v2.tgz Beliebt

Clamav 0.99 for Copfilter Copfilter v2 (with c-icap 0.4.2 & c-icap-modules 0.4.2 and missing havp)


Please note: previous clamav-0.99 update package was missing recompiled havp! If you already installed previous clamav update, please enforce reinstall!


ClamAV 0.99 contains major new features and changes. YARA rules,
Perl Compatible Regular Expressions, revamped on-access scanning
for Linux, and other new features join the many great features of ClamAV:

  *   Processing of YARA rules (some limitations- see signatures.pdf).
  *   Support in ClamAV logical signatures for many of the features added for YARA, such as Perl Compatible Regular Expressions, alternate strings, and YARA string attributes. See signatures.pdf for full details.
  *   New and improved on-access scanning for Linux. See the recent blog post and clamdoc.pdf for details on the new on-access capabilities.
  *   A new ClamAV API callback function that is invoked when a virus is found. This is intended primarily for applications running in all-match mode. Any applications using all-match mode must use the new callback function to record and report detected viruses.
  *   Configurable default password list to attempt zip file decryption.
  *   TIFF file support.
  *   Upgrade Windows pthread library to 2.9.1.
  *   A new signature target type for designating signatures to run against files with unknown file types.
  *   Improved fidelity of the "data loss prevention" heuristic algorithm. Code supplied by Bill Parker.
  *   Support for LZMA decompression within Adobe Flash files.
  *   Support for MSO attachments within Microsoft Office 2003 XML files.
  *   A new sigtool option(--ascii-normalize) allowing signature authors to more easily generate normalized versions of ascii files.
  *   Windows installation directories changed from Program FilesSourcefireClamAV to Program FilesClamAV or Program FilesClamAV-x64.


md5sum: d185d9a2411509f0ebc8e76eca658c70
sha1sum: b672409d8ec048e6d766dcda693e3a5728573563
sha256sum: 829cc629d1ca1026b253d53fa7aefc65c0ebb2a287efc9df8f41217114aced33





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