Copfilter v1




Here you'll find current Copfilter v1 state for IPCop  1.4.2x


Changelog 14.01.2012

PHP security fix and migration from PHP 5.2.x to PHP 5.3.9 (find the security fix)



Changelog 08.09.2011

  • There was detected a wrong parameter used with renattach, which renames all mail file extensions in bad one. (Thanks to divermario andelinap from copfilter forum for reporting!)

Here you'll find a fix:



Copfilter 0.85.3beta4 published on 14.08.2011




Download: SourceForge

German Wiki: Grundinstallation & Update Installation


Thanks to FischerM for updating the Wiki!



Changelog 30.06.2011

  • Clamav 0.97.2
  • added fix for monit, if not activated
  • removed some gui and shell outputs, for having a better overview
  • reworked stop - start output for each service (see more on screenshots)



Changelog 24.07.2011

  • added workaround for copfilter_spamd in start section, for correct logs
  • removed the squid_cache.log in Copfilter GUI Tests & Logs, because of wrong user rights


Changelog 21./22.07.2011

  • added workaround for privoxy, to work correctly
  • added missing docs for privoxy (thanks to FischerM for reporting)
  • removed anomy and all entries, which belongs to anomy and p3pmail (thanks to FischerM)
  • added squid.cache to Copfilter Tests & Logs (thanks to FischerM)
  • added missing rm command, to remove the test.txt in tmp path
  • added bayes-converter to Copfilter install folder (includes the howto in en and de)

Publish Copfilter 0.85.3beta4-pre version in forum today


Changelog 15.07.2011

  • removed p3pmail, which isn't used anymore (thanks to FischerM)
  • fixed F-Prot path in copfilter_cron for periodic update


Changelog 26.06.2011

  • added imspector to copfilter_monit
  • added workaround for empty folder error messages in copfilter_cron
  • fixed some rights for p3scan and copfilter_cron (thanks to FischerM)
  • fixed squid part in copfilter_havp
  • added syslogd restart for p3scan log file in setup_util


Changelog 25.06.2011

  • added missing Perl Module Mail::Address and  Time::Parse (required for Mail::DKIM)


Changelog 23.06.2011

  • changed start order in copfilter_status.cgi (thanks to FischerM)
  • fixed imspector network device output (thanks to FischerM)
  • language files rewritten (thanks to FischerM)


Changelog 22.06.2011

  • fixed monit destination address in copfilter_status.cgi and copfilter_monit.cgi (thanks to FischerM for report and fix)
  • added imspector to monitrc (thanks to FischerM for reporting)
  • added prepared german language file from FischerM


Changelog 18.06.2011

  • commented tmp path in clamd.conf (thanks to FischerM for reporting)


Changelog 15.06.2011

  • removed imspector checks from cgi, which are a problem, if you try to restore your settings from a previous version*

* Please note! If you want to restore your settings, a converter for the bayes database is needed! A converter tool is available in Copfilter Forum.


Changelog 13.06.2011

  • fixed uninstall routine in setup_util, added workaround for removing entries in squid.conf and proxy.cgi, if no modification was done (for example you install and uninstall copfilter, without using it), the complete content of squid.conf and proxy.cgi was deleted
  • updated to newest binaries, used with copfilter
  • added new option to setup_util: -p, or --permissions for setting file permissions for copfilter


Changelog 12.06.2011

  • compiled all actual PerlModules
  • Imspector 0.9 and adaptions


Changelog 11.06.2011

  • PHP 5.2.17
  • DB 5.2.3
  • DCC 1.3.140
  • rsync 3.0.8
  • altermime 0.3.10
  • anomy 1.95
  • p3scan 2.3.2


Notice 08.06.2011

  • added GUI content (buttons, etc. see the screenshots)



Please also use comment function, if you have any suggestions ore additional feature wishes!



Copfilter v1



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