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*** Copfilter-2.0.90beta5 upgrade avaliable ***

Changelog 20.02.2011

  • added prepared
  • updated extract_emal_addresses.awk scripts with new tld's (important part)

Update 19.02.2011

  • prepare a new for v1 and v2, because the fix on Apr 2010 left spamassassin the part with whitelist scanning, which has used performance. So I decided to fix the old whitelist scan part, to bring the performance back and have a log part in spamd.log too, like the old one! It's also planned, to add the blacklist command mode, which needs a fix at this time (neosys is wating a long time)

Changelog 16.02.2011

  • cleaning up stop_fwrules from copfilter_proxsmtp (completely rewritten) 
  • decrease SERVERNUMBER from 20 to 8  in havp.conf to safe ram

It is planned, to prepare an update from last changelog to Copfilter Beta release state, next days

Changelog 15.02.2011

  • fixed iptable entry removing in copfilter_monit

Changelog 14.02.2011

  • fixed p3scan pidfile path in p3scan.conf
  • copfilter_p3scan iptables rewritten
  • fixed copfilter_proxsmtpd iptable rules (thanks to ron for reporting)
  • added recompiled clamav 0.97, which should save ram (update your Copfilter-2.0.90beta4)

Changelog 13.02.2011

  • fixed test for free disc space in
  • fixed HAVP pid file name (thanks to FischerM)
  • added (ClamAV Overview)

Changelog 12.02.2011

  • moved logrotate entries in right location /etc/logrotate.d and spend each service a logrotate file
  • Generally searching for ClamAV and system memory management and made some studies. I have achieved to reduce the used memory. As I said, at moment, I'm trying something fine tuning, because I'm not happy about current state

Changelog 02.02.2011

  • fixed copfilter_p3scan init script (download copfilter_p3scan patch for copfilter-2.0.90beta4)

Official Copfilter v2 Beta Release Point 23.01.2011    (copfilter-2.0.90beta4)

Download at SourceForge

Download at

Files Overview

Note: The copfilter-2.0.90beta4 Version is only a prerelease, until IPCop 2.0 stable has been released!

Short Feature Overview for copfilter-2.0.90beta4 by addons:

  • monit (Watchdog)
  • p3scan (POP3 tranparent proxy, to filter spams and viruses)
  • proxsmtp (SMTP transparent proxy, to filter spams and viruses)
  • HAVP (HTTP virus scanner, used with squid proxy)
  • Privoxy (HTTP Filter, to filter internet trash)
  • frox (FTP transparent proxy, to filter ftp traffic for viruses)
  • Spamassassin (Spamfilter)
  • ClamAV (free Antivirus Scanner)
  • F-Prot (Antivirus Scanner, not included, license needed, but supported)
  • Imspector (Instant Messenger transparent proxy, get controll about IM traffic)
  • Renattach (Attachement Renamer)
  • SA Rules (additional rulesets for spamassassin)

Short Feature Overview for copfilter-2.0.90beta4 implementations:

  • learning Spams and Hams over IMAP (Bayes Training)
  • Webinterface for managing E-Mail black- and whitelist
  • Webinterface for managing spams
  • graphical/text statistics for hams, spams and viruses found by copfilter addons

Changelog 22.01.2011

  • fixed cgi files for f-prot to fpscand, for finding daemon (thanks to Severus a. FischerM)
  • forgot to copy the modified copfilter_havp.cgi without the avg code

Update 20.01.2011

  • removed all avg code from copfilter v2
  • added changed language files (thanks to FischerM)

Update 18.01.2011

  • F-Prot is running as usual, no changes needed

Update 16.01.2011

  • compiled imspector again with standard openssldir

Update 12.01.2011

  • fixed start_squid script, there was a wrong option, which leads the proxy not to restart

Update 11.01.2011

  • updated PHP to verstion 5.2.17, because of a bug in Floating-Point
  • fixed havp init-, start_squid, start_squid_transparent skripts, for configure advanced proxy (this scripts are used, if a user do not specify port 800, or missing transparent mode in squid.conf, although havp uses transparent mode)
  • recompiled/added a lot of perl modules, which are missing/changed on newer ipcop builds (this leads to not use Mail::SPF perl module for spamassassin for example)
  • removed all installed man dokus, for freeing space (perl modules header files following)
  • uploaded minor fixes test release

Update 10.01.2011

  • forgot to copy the libraries for BerkeleyDB to the copfilter package, which leads spamassassin not to use bayes
  • renewed language files, some newer descriptions, delete dead links (thanks to FischerM)

Update 06.01.2011

  • added missing language files to copfilter
  • small graphical redesign for copfilter status page
  • uploaded 2.0.90beta3 (publishing in a few days, if no problems'll be noticed)

Update 01.01.2011

  • added iptables for new imspector protocol (Jabber, Jabber TLS/SSL, Gadu-Gadu)
  • made some tests with imspector Jabber SSL/TLS + created a sqlite database - at this time, no success to get Jabber running over TLS/SSL. A certificate is createt on the fly by Imspector, but get no authentication access to a Jabber server (communication is right well, until it come's to a timeout / Imspector is waiting for a validation key)

Update 31.12.2010

  • added some missing global_settings, which leads to not start some services on fresh installation
  • added ssl feature to imspector (you'll find a prepared config file in /var/log/copfilter/default/opt/imspector/etc/imspector.conf.ssl and also self signed certificates in etc/keys )
    start logs are going to /var/log/messages and protocol messages goes to usual place on imspector path
  • added some perl modules, which are missing on hardened IPCop

Update 30.12.2010

  • added imspector configuration gui for activate/deactivate green, blue, or orange network
  • added language text for imspector (only in German and English at this moment)

Update 27.12.2010

  • added imspector start/stop button in Copfilter Status page to activate/deactivate service
  • fixed LD_LIBRARY_PATH in start script of imspector
  • language files updated
  • a small redesign for Copfilter installation Zwinkernd

Update 26.12.2010

  • HAVP init script for stop service rewritten (was not enough waiting, to start service again)
  • tests with avg 8.5 failed and we get the same result as in previous version (cpu usage 100%)

Update 25.12.2010

  • monit 5.2.3
  • privoxy 3.0.17

Update 24.12.2010

  • fixed proxsmtp system up issue (starting proxsmtp/monit in background and let do ipcop's jobs)
  • fixed update procedure for ClamAV signature database on copfilter installation
  • added my source code for copfilter binaries (will be completed in first public release)

Update 17.12.2010

  • there was a change to the ethernet config files in newer ipcop v2 versions, which I have not noticed and leads to not starting the proxsmtp service, because internet connectivity tests failed (thanks to boomer)

Update 16.12.2010

  • fixed iptable rules for proxsmtp (removed extended debug rules)
  • workaround for ASSP restart
  • enabled monit in proxsmtp, because it was disabled for my tests (thanks to boomer)
  • fixed internet access tests in proxsmtp init script (thanks for reporting to Technopainting)

Update 15.12.2010

  • found the error in proxsmtp source code ! Cool This means, that proxsmtp can find a place in Copfilter v2 again, and means, the final Copfilter v2 release is not far off. This fix is a big milestone and costs me around one month (of course not every and the whole day)
  • same problem to frox, as there is a bug by searching on the wrong place for netfilter_ipv4.h and their struct members

I plan to have 2 stages for the Copfilter v2 release. First stage would be the Copfilter as everyone knows it. In second stage I want to integrate new features, like Kaspersky (if we find no problems with the protocol) and full support for ASSP.

Update 14.12.2010

  • added missing File::ReadBackwards perl module for ASSP

Update 13.12.2010

  • deleted all standard ports for ASSP now, so on first start no port will be opened on red interface (we are not windows Zwinkernd )
  • ASSP update to
  • some fixes to assp init script

more infos:

update 12.12.2010

  • fixed ip-subnet scripts
  • ClamAV 0.96.5
  • created init script and service binaries for assp

this means, that the start service is reading the port settings of assp.cfg, open the ports and starts service

update 27.11.2010

  • imspector tests successfully
  • p3scan iptable and network interface fix in orange network (thanks to FischerM and boomer)
  • uploaded test release

update 24.11.2010

  • update NetAddr-IP perl module to v4.0.37 (fixed)
  • recompiled imspector, cause of missing iconv libraries on hardened ipcop (thanks to boomer for reporting Zwinkernd )

update 06.11.2010

  • added ssl feature for bayes imap training
  • added switch in antispam gui for ssl setting
  • degraded NetAddr-IP perl module to v4.033, cause of a bug
  • added new language us

update 01.11.2010

  • fixed gui problem belongs to p3scan on restarting service, which produce a zombie and a hanging site (which is a buffer problem related to p3scan output on starting service), redirect output to /dev/null fixed this problem (also a problem in copfilter v1!)
  • fixed most gui's, which produced a lot of errors to apache.log (also a problem in copfilter v1!)
  • modification for bayes training over imap client with ssl connections enabled

update 30.10.2010

  • fixed p3scan log destination
  • fixed spamassassin path problems
  • clamav updated to version 0.96.4
  • uninstaller written
  • published new copfilter devel package (all should run now, except avg and f-prot installer)

update 24.10.2010

  • first install test successful
  • tests are all successful, except the proxsmtp service (where there are 3 additional firewall rules needed)
  • installer written

update 23.10.2010

  • build install package for first tests on real system

update 21.10.2010

  • crontab-, update-scripts-, logrotate-checks
  • add iptable rule for accessing monit on port 446
  • changed monit service syslog to rsyslog
  • build ~99% for first tests and download

update 19.10.2010:

  • first tests with havp successfull
  • integrated the most fixes
  • compiled email helper and successfully send first status mails
  • integrated the clamav library-/socket scanner gui switch
  • all copfilter gui sites fixed

update 17.10.2010:

  • havp, clamav, frox, privoxy, renattach, rsync, sqlite and monit ready for use
  • fixed most of the copfilter gui
  • rewritten most of init scripts and iptable rules

On 13. September 2010, we startet to port copfilter for IPCop 1.4.x to IPCop 1.9.x (v2) and meanwhile, we made big steps. But there is very much to do and if you are interested to work as translator, or have knowledge about Perl/Shell/PHP, you are always welcome! You can register on copfilter forum and contact one of us, like severus, FischerM, Madlener, or karesmakro, btw. write a mail to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

to do:

  • integrate new addons [ will be done in 2. release ]

new changes/addons:

  • as proxsmtp is working fine now, proxsmtp and ASSP should work as 2 methods for spam prevention in copfilter v2. The user get the choice, which to use [ 2. Release ]
  • it is planned to replace AVG with Kaspersky Anti Virus Scanner [ 2. Release ]
  • integrate the clamav library-/socket scanner gui switch [ done ]
  • start/stop button for imspector in copfilter status page [ done ]
  • perhaps it may be useful to have a config page for imspector networks green and blue [ done ]
  • added ssl feature for bayes imap training and switch in gui for enabling it [ done ]

Please also use comment function, if you have any suggestions ore additional feature wishes!

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