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Copfilter 2.1.93beta1 released  for IPCop 2.1.8 / 2.1.9   (14.03.2015)


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Copfilter 2.1.92beta6 released  for IPCop 2.1.7   (14.11.2014)


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Copfilter 2.1.92beta5 released  for IPCop 2.1.7   (09.11.2014)


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Changelog 09.11.2014

    - customized monitrc
    - added option for 2 internal ports in proxsmtpd
    - updated proxsmtp.conf and copfilter_proxsmtpd for correct pidfile handling


Changelog 06.11.2014
    - removed unnecassary routine in c-icap update time check
    - added squid version check for updates in setup_util
    - fixed f-prot version info in copfilter status (thanks to ShelbyGT500)
    - added --reconfigure command to c-icap init script
    - only reload c-icap configuration after urlfilter update
    - added relog to c-icap logrotate

Changelog 29.10.2014
    - fixed GeoIP library problem
    - fixed monitor service for fprot and proxsmtpd
    - fixed typo in global_settings (thanks to FischerM)
    - fixed e-mail setup page (thanks to ShelbyGT500)
    - monit with ssl support



IPCop 2.1.6 released (28.10.2014)


Copfilter 2.1.92beta4 seems to run with new release, but if you are use c-icap, you have to replace the squid binary with the Copfilter once!



Copfilter 2.1.92beta4 released  for IPCop 2.1.5   (04.05.2014)


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IPCop 2.1.5 released today (02.05.2014)

Important: Please wait for copfilter 2.1.92beta4, if you use c-icap!



Copfilter 2.1.92beta3 released  for IPCop 2.1.4   (10.04.2014)


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Copfilter 2.1.92beta2 released  for IPCop 2.1.1 - 2.1.3   (14.03.2014)


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German Copfilter-Forum:

English Copfilter-Forum:





Copfilter 2.0.92beta2 for IPCop 2.1.x is still in progress! I hope we can publish it in a few days.



As already announced at, the new IPCop 2.1.x is not compatible with Copfilter 2.0.91beta4

We are already working on the Update Release and want to inform you, if it is ready to use!




our Copfilter Wiki with new design is online  Copfilter Wiki



Copfilter 2.0.91beta4 released  for IPCop 2.0.3 - 2.0.6   (03.08.2013)


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Changelog 23.07.2013

  • fixed charset encoding/decoding problems in
  • fixed loop in 3rd Party Sigs, if an update failed


Changelog 18.07.2013

  • fixed periodic c-icap urlfilter update with full hours
  • removed 3rd Sigs Doppelstern, because they are not longer supported
  • added blacklist support without spamassassin for POP3-Scanner to
  • updated langs (thanks to FischerM and ShelbyGT500)


Changelog 07.07.2013

  • monit 5.5.1


Changelog 06.07.2013

  • ripmime
  • added POP3 Blacklist quarantine part from Severus to and modified de-/encoding problems with subjects


Changelog 29.06 - 02.07.2013

  • completed 3rd party sigs 0.60.7 from Severus
  • update lang files (thanks to FischerM and ShelbyGT500)
  • tests and fixes with FischerM and ShelbyGT500


Changelog 24.06.2013

  • removed sa-updates from spamd, because they are no longer supported
  • added malwarepatrol, German zmi rules (if language settings are de) and mime validation rules (not longer supported)
  • added switch for disabling malwarepatrol (if you have low RAM or low CPU, it is highly recommended, to disable this rules!)
  • added rules listing in gui (thanks to severus!)
  • fixed freshclam interrupt after 5 minutes for faulty updates on copfilter installation
  • added IPCop backup exceptions for Copfilter


Changelog 01.06.2013

  • changed order of setting file permissions in setup_util to not overwrite pemissions for cp_spam_whitelist


Changelog 31.05.2013

  • changed to xz archive file compression inside the package
  • added 3rdSigs 0.60.7 from Severus (needs some cosmetic Lächelnd)


Changelog 23.05.2013

  • fixed restartprivoxy in connection with c-icap
  • rewrote the replacement parts for c-icap, havp and privoxy, which may lead to a misconfigured squid or not used service


Changelog 20.05.2013

  • added C-ICAP URL-Filter templates from ShelbyGT500
  • added HAVP templates from ShelbyGT500 and supplemented by karesmakro
  • fixed virus db reload command for c-icap, if running in socket mode, no reload is needed
  • fixed problem for C-ICAP periodic update time with one hour to late (ShelbyGT500)
  • added wget symlink to copfilter directory (thanks to FischerM)


Changelog 19.05.2013

  • we started to prepare next Copfilter release 2.0.91beta4 included with flash installer
  • ClamAV 0.97.8
  • monit 5.5
  • privoxy 3.0.21
  • PHP 5.3.25

This release will be without new addons, to have one "up to date" Copfilter release after the 2.0.91beta3, one year ago!
Next release with spamassassin improvements (by severus) and Shelby's privoxy aditions.
Stay tuned ....


IPCop 2.0.5/2.0.6 Notification

IPCop 2.0.5/2.0.6 Update was published with just tzdata update and timezone correction.
There is nothing to worry about with your Copfilter installation!

Please visit News for more informations


Changelog 05. - 14.10.2012

  • fixed c-icap's check update time script (calculation with time format)
  • added c-icap status to init script (was missed until now)
  • fixed shared memory problem (from IPCop 2.1.0)


Changelog 15.09.2012

  • C-ICAP optimized using 'clamdsocket' for even better performance (added a button to (de)activate this option)


Changelog 07.09.2012

  • DCC 1.3.143


Changelog 04.09.2012

  • monit 5.5


Changelog 02.09.2012

  • revised the boot process, to remove output on startup
  • c-icap dbmaker fixed, which produced an empty srv_url_check.conf in some cases (thanks to ShelbyGT500 and len from copfilter forum for reporting)
  • fixed wget path in cron.daily (reported by ShelbyGT500)
  • fixed f-prot update period
  • fixed C-ICAP check update time, which was not working on the hour and minute
  • added daily spam digest fix from rock94 (reported by mike2709 from copfilter forum)
  • added setup routine for flash card installations (great thanks to company (at this moment in alpha status)

Package updates/fixes:

  • ClamAV 0.97.5
  • revised imspector makefile to work with newer openssl versions
  • monit 5.4
  • PHP 5.3.17
  • C-ICAP 0.2.1
  • sqlite 3.7.13
  • Berkeley DB 5.3.21
  • some perl updates


Changelog 23.03.2012

  • reworked ClamAV update script, to remove double signatures and a later reload command for C-ICAP (if activated), to wait for ClamAV database reload finished


Changelog 16.03.2012

  • added to opt/tools/bin for having a correct update time after a IPCop shutdown/reboot (at this moment, it is working for the daily update period only) >>Topic <<


Changelog 14.03.2012

  • added bayes database converter to opt/tools/bin


Changelog 09.03.2012

  • prepare solution for proxsmtp firewall rules, which are deleted by IPCop's cronjob >>Topic/Solution<< (thanks to badsmurf for reporting)


Changelog 08.03.2012

  • fixed F-Prot periodic update problem >>Topic<< (reported by ShelbyGT500)


Changelog 28.02.2012

  • fixed C-ICAP periodic update time with one hour to late

If you want to fix it yourself, change the value on /usr/local/bin/copfilter_cron at line ~117 from "-gt 5" to "-gt 0"


Changelog 27.02.2012

  • fixed spamd logformat problem for spamstats (thanks to ShelbyGT500 for reporting)


Changelog 25.02.2012

  • copied the already modified, but missed cron.daily and cron4.hourly scripts, to fit with IPCop's added wget

You can fix this by executing ln -s /usr/bin/wget /var/log/copfilter/default/opt/tools/bin on shell





Copfilter 2.0.91beta3 released  for IPCop 2.0.3 / 2.0.4   (19.02.2012)


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Download at

File Overview

German Copfilter-Forum:

English Copfilter-Forum:


If you have already installed Copfilter 2.0.91beta2, download this fix and install
md5sum: 450b69cc14b50dedba5fea7b22dc0e3d




Changelog 18.02.2012

  • fixed the timing for loading the firewall rules after boot process (thanks to Falconcrest for reporting)
  • fixed Squid binary backup problem in setup_util (thanks to Falconcrest for reporting)
  • fixed monit and proxsmtpd problem and remove existing pidfile on startup
  • added a first step instruction after copfilter installation (thanks to FischerM)



Copfilter 2.0.91beta2 released  for IPCop 2.0.3 / 2.0.4   (14/16.02.2012)


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Download at

File Overview

German Copfilter-Forum:

English Copfilter-Forum:



Changelog 11.02.2012

  • C-ICAP SVN 836
  • sqlite 3.7.10
  • fixed well known fpscand problem in copfilter_antivirus.cgi (thanks to FischerM)

    hint: for all Copfilter Users, who restores a created backup and using C-ICAP, you
    have to enable C-ICAP explicit, because of some new options on gui


Changelog 06.02.2012

  • added database info option for mail body/header in antivirus gui (thanks to Severus)


Changelog 04.02.2012

  • PHP 5.3.10
  • Imspector CVS 2012-01-22

(because icq protocoll fails to load the iconv libraries) update 13.02.2012

  • updated some Perl Modules
  • note: if you want to use c-icap, havp and privoxy, manage the actions for privoxy on the havp configuration page
  • privoxy: removed statically linked pcre (because of safety concerns) - use external one
  • extended/reworked C-ICAP Selftest


Changelog 29.01.2012

  • some preparations for upcoming IPCop 2.0.3

added new features to c-icap configuration page:

  • textarea for destination virusscan exception domains
  • textarea for client source ip virusscan exceptions
  • textarea for client source ip urlfilter exceptions
  • added button, to run c-icap only with urlfilter (and e.g. havp as a virus scanner)


Changelog 14.01.2012

  • fixed permission problem on Copfilter 2.0.91beta1 with using "Copfilter Whitelist-Manager"

  (thanks to Moshari_3 for reporting)

  error message: Error!
                       Your settings file could not be found.


Note this instructions to solve the Whitelist Manager problem on Copfilter Status gui:


chmod 666 /var/log/copfilter/default/etc/cp_spam_whitelist/
chmod 755 /var/log/copfilter/default/etc/cp_spam_whitelist


Changelog 13.01.2012

  • PHP security fix and migration from PHP 5.2.x to PHP 5.3.9 (find the security fix)



Copfilter 2.0.91beta1 released  (07.01.2012)


Download at SourceForge

Download at

File Overview

Beschreibung: Copfilter Forum

Description: Copfilter Forum &



Changelog 06.01.2012

  • adaptations for c-icap log file analyses


Changelog 05.01.2012

  • some optimizations to clamav and 3rd Sigs updates (reduces the hard disk access extremely)
  • added C-ICAP filter check /etc/rc.d/init.d/copfilter_c-icap --icapcheck (to check, c-icap is working properly)


Changelog 26.12.2011

  • added french C-ICAP templates (thanks to ShelbyGT500)
  • added debug modus to c-icap init script
  • added workaround to setup_util, to generate a "blacklist urlfilter free" global_setting backup file (to prevent loading empty databases on restore configs and restarting all services)


Changelog 21.12.2011

  • Monit 5.3.2


Changelog 13.12.2011

  • added 3rd Party Sigs (thanks to Severus for his great work!)


Changelog 29.11.2011

  • added sendEmail 1.56 version to sendEmail.versions directory (thanks to andydld from copfilter forum)


Changelog 26.11.2011

  • libiconv 1.14
  • Berkeley DB 5.2.36
  • SQLite-3.7.8


Changelog 23.11.2011

  • added reload function to spamd for ruleset updates
  • added C-ICAP blacklist sources and update function


Changelog 21.11.2011

  • added some new options to C-ICAP configuration page







IPCop 2.0.2 & Copfilter 2.0.90 release notes


There were no problems detected with Copfilter 2.0.90 + Update

If you want to perform a fresh IPCop 2.0.2 with Copfilter install, first install Copfilter 2.0.90 (restore your settings) and afterwards

install the Copfilter 2.0.x update, before starting any service.





Changelog 13.11.2011

  • added fields to SMTP Filter gui, to set your own ports (internal and external)
  • added spamassassin's short circuit function, which performs a scan in ~0,2 seconds:

spamd[24129]: spamd: result: . -100 - SHORTCIRCUIT,USER_IN_WHITELIST scantime=0.2,size=5839,user=filter,uid=1012,required_score=6.0,rhost=localhost,raddr=,rport=33048,mid=<Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!>,autolearn=disabled,shortcircuit=ham





Copfilter 2.0.90 - IPCop-2.0.x Update avaliable


This Copfilter update makes services compatible with IPCop-2.0.x, and fixes
all bugs found so far. There is no new version number, because it is planned to release a new version, shortly.



There was reportet a segmentation fault, using proxsmtp 1.10 (Thanks to balooh for reporting)!
A downgrad to proxsmtp 1.8 was performed and uploaded again!

If you already installed the update, follow the instruction on Copfilter Wiki, to fix it.



Changelog 15.10. - 01.11.2011

  • added some fixes for f-prot versions without daemon (personal version)
  • extended the functionality for C-ICAP URL filter
  • monit 5.3.1
  • ClamAV 0.97.3



Changelog 11.10.2011

  • added c-icap 0.1.7


Changelog 05.10.2011

  • reworked Copfilter startup services


Copfilter startup     Copfilter Overview


Changelog 28.09.2011

  • fixed button problem on Copfilter Status page with some browsers


Changelog 24.09.2011

  • all copfilter startup scripts got a third status output (ON, OFF, NOT ACTIVATED)
  • added possibiliity to deactivate c-icap scans on multimedia streams
  • fixed wrong update time for clamd and f-prot (reported by Kermit2)


Changelog 23.08.2011

  • added exit status 0 in copfilter_cron
  • removed url_check module from C-ICAP, because IPCop v2 works with URL-Filter per default in final release


Changelog 22.07.2011

  • removed anomy and all entries, which belongs to anomy and p3pmail
  • added squid restart workaround for privoxy, to work correctly
  • added missing rm command, to remove the test.txt in tmp path


Changelog 15.07.2011

  • removed p3pmail, which isn't used anymore


Changelog 05.07.2011

  • added URL-Filter based on ICAP-Protocoll
  • added script, to convert for example Shalla's Blacklist databases for using with ICAP (all SquidGuard databases works with ICAP)

A big work was done, but next is following ... we have to integrate the URL Filter to the Copfilter GUI. So I need your help and suggestions, which options makes sense to controll from GUI

C-ICAP is also supporting Kaspersky Antivirus Scanner, which I have to test next time!


Changelog 25.06.2011

  • added missing Perl Module Mail::Address and  Time::Parse (required for Mail::DKIM)


Changelog 17.06.2011

  • added optional c-icap to copfilter v2! At this moment, without https scanning (see screenshots)


To use C-ICAP, it's needed to replace the squid binary by a new compiled one, because icap protocoll is not integrated by default! So I think it may be better, that the user decides to replace, or not. You can do this by calling setup_util with the -W or --c-icap option in future copfilter versions!



Changelog 03./04.06.2011

  • removed the rest of the openprotect part (tmp1 & tmp2) in
  • corrected the turner for new used tmpfs path (tmp/havp to /havp/tmp) in copfilter_havp (thanks to FischerM for reporting)




  • working on c-icap version with ssldump for https virus scanning on copfilter and ... it's running stable. At moment, there is a generally disadvantage in certificate handling, because in the used squid version the dynamically certificate creation is not working (waiting for next release). Result: surfing and downloads are really fast in http and https mode, but you have to know, that c-icap can't use other virus scanners then clamav





Copfilter 2.0.90 released  (29.05.2011)


Download at SourceForge

Download at

File Overview






Changelog 29.05.2011

  • added feature to run havp in memory (tmpfs) - option can be activated, by enabling "Enable HAVP Scanner to run in Memory"


Changelog 28.05.2011

  • havp optimazations for downloads (thanks to sebastian from copfilter forum)


Changelog 27.05.2011

  • fixed setup_util and copfilter cgi's, because I missed the correct way, to add menu entries in IPCop, which leads to a missing copfilter menu, after changing a network card, for example (thanks to FischerM for reporting)


Changelog 22.05.2011

  • fixed uninstall routine in setup_util, added workaround for removing entries in squid.conf and proxy.cgi, if no modification was done (for example you install and uninstall copfilter, without using it), the complete content of squid.conf and proxy.cgi was deleted (also a bug in Copfilter 0.84betax and higher)
  • fixed freespace check in for later ipcop releases


Changelog 19./21.05.2011

  • NetAddr::IP updated to 4.044, which fixed our well known spamassassin issue 'netset: cannot include xx.xx.xx.xx/xx as it has already been included' in Copfilter 2.0.90beta7x and later (unpublished test releases)
  • fixed some small user dependencies for copfilter services (thanks to ron for tests and reporting)


Changelog 17.05.2011

  • removed openprotect channel from spamassassin rule upates, because all rules comes from
  • added some new options to, which save's CPU in bayes scoring


Changelog 16.05.2011

  • freeing ~ 20MB disk space on removing perl modules, by using additional i486 lib path in copfilter perl scripts
  • created completely new user and group architecture for working correctly with dropped privileges of most copfilter services (thanks to ron for reporting denied access from clamav on p3scan directories)


Changelog 07.05.2011

  • dropped clamav privileges from root to clamav - added user havp to group clamav to get clamav virdb and socket access
  • set permissions after restore copfilter settings with setup_util, because the permission get wrong rights after dropping the privileges


Changelog 06.05.2011

  • added the perl lib path a little bit earlier in sa-learn from spamassassin and in 2.0.90beta7a test release after a completely rebuild (2.0.90beta6 not affected by this issue!) (thanks to Frank from copfilter forum for reporting)


Changelog 02.05.2011

  • added sqlite- for imspector seperately (3.x required by imspector)
  • added responder to imspector, to advice user that a IM logger is active

sqlite logging is still not usable! it seems that if a message was dropped, sqlite-plugin is repeating the message until you stop service, means it's writing the same message about ca. 20x per seconds! On the other hand, the responder plugin is working quite well, although it's using same sqlite library.


Changelog 01.05.2011

  • fixed copfilter_imspector status part, where there missed some ports (thanks to Severus for reporting)
  • added workaround for copfilter_proxsmtp, if $MAILSERVER is not declared, to remove egrep errors on startup


Changelog 30.04.2011

  • fixed imspector cgi for displaying real time logviewer on same page correctly (preview in screenshots)
  • fixed absolute button position in copfilter_status.cgi


Changelog 28.04.2011

  • removed grep part from monit config_fwrules, which leads to an error on system start up and did not opened port 446


Update 24.04.2011

  • created first parts for compiliing copfilter v2 automatically




Copfilter 2.0.90beta6 released  (19.04.2011)


Download at SourceForge

Download at

File Overview







Changelog 16./17.04.2011

  • changed ownership from p3scan, proxsmtp and spamassassin to spam, to work correctly with, when whitelist mail was detected and event should go to spamd.log (thanks to mrutenbeck for reporting)
  • recompiled a lot of libraries and binaries


Changelog 15.04.2011

  • disabled debug messages in copfilter cgi files
  • disabled sqlite feature for imspector, cause of a bug (should find place in beta7 ... thanks to fragarach for reporting)
  • added new language files (thanks to FischerM)
  • fixed removing copfilter rc.firewall.local part in setup_util on uninstall


Changelog 14.04.2011

  • fixed f-prot update cron part, searching for folder, which do not exist in newer versions (thanks to forumuser fragarach for reporting)


Changelog 12.04.2011

  • fixed copfilter antispam page, where date choice for spamassassin statistics was not displayed correctly
  • fixed clamav logrotate file



Update 11.04.2011

Copfilter-2.0.90beta6-pre4 avaliable in Copfilter Devel area!

(If you are interested and want to test this release, please drop me a mail to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!)



Update 09.04.2011

Plan's for Copfilter-2.0.90beta6:

  • Pre-1 release you'll find monday evening in copfilter devel area!
  • most things have been adapted and works with IPCop 1.9.19
  • 3rd Party Sigs should be integrated


Release date should be next weekend!


Changelog 09.04.2011

  • moved copfilter menu entries to right location
  • added new imspector gui (at this moment, without real time log)
  • clamav configuration optimation
  • monit update to 5.2.5
  • imspector with sqlite database use
  • fixed whitelist double entries in, if whitelist command mode is used
  • rsync updated to 3.0.8



Update 06.04.2011

Today released IPCop 1.9.19 and it's necessary to prepare next Copfilter v2 release, which should be 2.0.90beta6!


Important note: Copfilter 2.0.90beta4/5 and HAVP/Squid settings are not compatible with IPCop 1.9.19, because squid version changed from 2.7.x to 3.1.11, were some adjustments are necessary! Please wait for next Copfilter Release, which you'll find soon on SF



Changelog 26.03.2011

  • because squid 3.x is used in newer ipcop v2 svn release, some adjustments were necessary, to get havp running (privoxy is following)


Changelog 20.03.2011

  • completed imspector gui - real time log viewer and settings added (see more on screenshots)
  • fixed, where addresses where added more than once to whitelist database, if the automatically adding whitelist function is activated on SMTP Copfilter GUI (thanks, Technopainting for reporting!)

md5sum: 6338af5ead3719fbe3ab3cdd5e54b6aa

Replace instructions:


Changelog 17.03.2011

  • fixed copfilter_havp init script, for comment CLAMDSOCKET only once, after saving HAVP gui in library mode (this leads to not starting havp in socket mode, after using the library mode!)


Changelog 16.03.2011

  • started copfilter_proxsmtpd script from scratch
  • added Imspector Real Time Log Viewer (please view the latest screenshots)

other imspector gui settings following


Changelog 02.03.2011

  • removed "all attachment" option for renattach in (which renamed all well known attachments)



Please also use comment function, if you have any suggestions ore additional feature wishes!



Copfilter Logo v2



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